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I want to be wealthy enough to leave notes for the house-sitter like: "Please don't let the leopard use the pool floats. He punctures them and then gets depressed."

I would like to be twenty again. Then I could dunk a basketball again. And also scoop the dog food out of the bag without a sudden shooting backpain that hobbles me for a week.

Spent about four months trying to decide between option A and option B for my new book cover. Finally committed to option A, absolutely, positively, without a doubt. Except B is obviously the way to go.

I saw a guy in a Porsche today and asked myself, “If I were going to drive a status symbol around town, what would I pick?” I settled on woolly mammoth.

I find Siri is less and less responsive to my requests every day. Does that mean she’s getting dumber, or smarter?

Anybody else confused when grocery cashiers ask if you want a single or a double bag? I mean who’s the expert here? Cardiologists don’t ask patients if they want a single or a double bypass. And don’t tell me those two things aren’t the same because we both know they are.

Visited Alcatraz with my kids. I asked my 9-year-old if he'd break me out if I was locked up there. He said, "Only if you were innocent." So on the one hand, I'm doing a good job imparting strong values. But on the other, if I mess up the big heist I'm planning, I’m screwed.

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